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New Campground/Marina Service from WIFI In The Park & Spectrum

We know most park visitors also want great connectivity & entertainment and seek out and stay longer at parks that have it.  We know the technical challenges and costs to deliver great connectivity in large wooded campgrounds and marinas are also great.  That is why WiFi in the Park negotiated a special deal with Spectrum to install dedicated fiber infrastructure and deliver 200mbps WiFi with optional TV to parks/marinas for FREE.  Imagine the increased visitation and revenue from offering/selling 200mbps WiFi plus HBO day passes.

Dedicated Fiber Internet

Separate/Secure Wired Business Services Available

200 Mbps Visitor WiFi

125+ TV Channels plus HBO/All Premium Channels

Includes WiFi/TV in Common Areas, Host Sites & Park Residences *Limited Availability

How This Product Works

What To Expect

Your Needs

You know you need internet access in your campgrounds and marinas. Your visitors want it and your business, employees and volunteers will benefit.

See If You Qualify

If you qualify for coverage we can have you set up and running within about 90 days, plus Spectrum will pay for part of your out-of-pocket expenses, so that you start providing great WiFi, attracting more visitors and generating more revenue asap.

Our Service

When you have campground/marina service provided by WiFi In The Park you will always have the highest quality service through the duration of your contract.

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