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Campground/Marina Service

Most park visitors also want great connectivity & entertainment and seek out and stay longer at parks that have it.

Unlimited 4G/5G Service

Programmable cellular routers that automatically connect to the best cell signal. Never runs of priority data no matter how much you use.

Emergency Call Boxes

We partnered with a manufacturer of solar/AC powered call boxes and customized a Private Cellular network solution for multiple call box, multi-mile wide area deployments.

Private LTE Cellular

Designed to solve the connectivity challenges in large buildings, large, wooded & uneven terrain outdoor parks.


WiFi in the Park is an AT&T Alliance Channel Partner, specifically authorized to provide AT&T services to all state, county, municipal and enterprise clients.


Firstnet can be used for primary or back up connectivity, provide wireless connectivity in vehicles and provide rapid response solutions for State Parks.

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