Unlimited 4G/5G Service

A Solution Built for High Cellular Data Use Clients

New Truly Unlimited 4G/5G LTE Services

We know traditional “Unlimited Cell Plans” from every major 4G/5G LTE provider throttle and slow down after certain limited amounts of data use; and therefore, have limited applications, which is a problem.  To solve that problem, WiFi in the Park strategically partnered with a provider of programmable cellular routers that automatically connects to the best cell signal, never runs out of priority data no matter how much you use.

Truly Unlimited 5G Data

Never Throttles

Works on Most Cell Networks

Automatically Connects to Best Signal

4G, Pooled Data & International Plans Also Available

How This Product Works

What To Expect

Your Needs

If you desire more cell data and the limitations of your cell plans are interfering with operations, this service is for you.  If you need more cell data with no cost surprises, WiFi in the Park’s new truly unlimited 4G/5G LTE service that connects to most carriers might be what you need.

See If You Qualify

If you qualify for coverage, we can have you set up and running within about 2 weeks so that you are connected and with all the priority cellular data usage you will ever need.

Our Service

When you have an Unlimited 4G/5G service from WiFi in the Park, you will never run out data again.  Great for parks, individuals, businesses and travelers, and those that want to provide their own Hotspot and share their unlimited WiFi data with others.  Stream all you want!

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